About TTA

Founded in 1984, initially as an engineering consultant, TTA has grown into one of the industry’s leading manufacturers and suppliers with a wide range of services, systems and components to offer transit authorities, prime contractors and other component manufacturers. TTA is now fully recognized and can be characterized as a “Full Service” company in the rail passenger field.

Over the two decades of its existence, TTA has grown into a multi-faceted equipment manufacturer, vehicle assembler and overhaul contractor for railcars and components, building its success on versatility, flexibility and a first-class workforce.

We pride ourselves on our ability to fulfill our customers’ special needs and wishes, whether these concern methodology, delivery schedules, quality levels or other individual requirements.

We owe much of our success to the experience, knowledge and dedication of our workforce. Our location, in an area of New York State that has long been a center of railway excellence, has given us access to some of the country’s most talented railcar workers. Customers for our services include many of the country’s foremost transit and transportation operators and equipment suppliers, as well as international railcar manufacturers.

Our company has built a solid reputation on its ability to always meet its obligations.


Flexibility, Quality & Superior Customer Service

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