Quality Program

TTA prides itself in its approach to “Quality” and “Customer Service”. We have put the responsibility for both of these aspects of our business into the same functional area in the company in order to give both the high visibility and attention they demand in our complex business. This effort covers the Quality Management System (QMS), Testing, and the full Customer Service, Commissioning and Warranty Administration support activities.

The Quality program within TTA is about breaking traditional thinking, and involving as many employees as possible – at all levels – in the process. Above all, we focus on listening to, and meeting, customers’ requirements in delivering the best possible product in all areas of our business, and we constantly seek to enhance our reputation by bringing continual improvements to the process.

Our Quality Program is based in:

  1. Making things we do, and the objectives we intend to achieve, easy to understand (through the use of flow charts and diagrams).
  2. Continually improve the process (through an ongoing audit process undertaken by all employees from shop labor, to technicians, through senior management).
  3. Continually monitor our performance with our customers (through surveys aimed at all functions).
  4. Ensure that we use the best available suppliers, and that they also bring the same Quality approach to any program they work on together with us (quarterly report cards on quality and performance are issued to each of our sub contractors).
  5. Promotion of open communication at all levels – both within the company, and between the company and our customers.

Service, Commissioning and Warranty Administration

This function provides a level of after production support, essential to maintaining customer relationships at a high and positive level. As part of the overall Quality effort this function now brings expertise and an approach ready to address and solve any issue that comes up through the commissioning and warranty programs. It allows a very high level of visibility to be brought to all issues, with a focus on addressing and solving them to our customers’ satisfaction.

Flexibility, Quality & Superior Customer Service

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