“Comfort Commander”

TTA’s proprietary "Comfort Commander" programmable logic controller can be used with both new and existing HVAC systems - is leading the industry in control of HVAC systems and it provides HVAC control features mandated by today’s rigorous transit vehicle specifications

... the Comfort Commander's electronic architecture, mechanical configuration, and routine environmental stress screening assure reliable operation on any transit vehicle. Extensive testing has proven its ability to operate within the harsh environment dictated by todayÕs vehicle specifications, including temperature extremes, shock & vibration, and EMI.

Flexible... the Comfort Commander can be mounted anywhere on a car. Its modular design allows installation of any quantity and combination of interfaces, including digital I/O, analog I/O, and LON & MVB vehicle network interfaces. Customized interfaces are available.

Compatible... control power and I/O operate directly off vehicle power, allowing easy system interface without external isolation boards.

Capable... standard features include HVAC system control, vehicle network communications, and on-board time-stamped data logging.

Simple to Program... our EZLadder software allows a non-programmer to create and edit control code without extensive study time. Powerful pick-and-place function blocks provide advanced control simply.

PTU availability... graphical software provides a virtual toolbox for assessing a system's operation. Software is installable on standard windows-based laptop computers, and communicates with the Comfort Commander through a standard RS-232 interface. PTU software provides system status information, diagnostics assistance, logged data viewing, and modification of various system characteristics. The graphical user interface is customized for the specific application.

This equipment meets or exceeds all the control requirements specified for today’s modern rail passenger vehicles.



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