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TTA designs, builds and tests all types of modern HVAC systems available for installation in both new and rehabilitated rail and transit passenger cars, as well as locomotives (both freight and passenger). TTA has been supplying these systems to the industry for more than ten years, and has now successfully delivered, or is building, almost 2,300 new HVAC units.

These systems are developed to the most exacting standards working closely with our customers at the design and prototyping stage to ensure the integrity of production units.

We also provide installation and ongoing maintenance services for both our new and overhauled HVAC systems.

TTA has experience in all three types of systems typically applied to rail transit passenger cars, and two types of systems applied to Locomotives.

Locomotive System:
Typically comprises two basic systems, both fully self contained, with the objective of cooling the cabs. They contain the required evaporator, compressor/condenser and control system. The underfloor system is located under the cab floor in a compartment provided by the locomotive builder, while the running board unit sits on the running board outside of the cab. Typical capacity is 3 tons.

TTA has also undertaken a contract in this market segment, with CSX, where the unit is leased to the customer for a period of ten years, each unit is called in for maintenance annually, and has a mid life overhaul at five years.

Authority Qty per car Total Units Order Year
EMD/LIRR Underfloor 49 1998
CSX Running Board 385 1996

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