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TTA designs, builds and tests all types of modern HVAC systems available for installation in both new and rehabilitated rail and transit passenger cars, as well as locomotives (both freight and passenger). TTA has been supplying these systems to the industry for more than ten years, and has now successfully delivered, or is building, almost 2,300 new HVAC units.

These systems are developed to the most exacting standards working closely with our customers at the design and prototyping stage to ensure the integrity of production units.

We also provide installation and ongoing maintenance services for both our new and overhauled HVAC systems.

TTA has experience in all three types of systems typically applied to rail transit passenger cars, and two types of systems applied to Locomotives.

Split System: Typically applied to Rapid Transit and Commuter equipment these systems usually consist of two evaporator units – usually mounted in the ceilings at each end of the cars – and an underfloor compressor/condenser unit, which also carries the electronic control box assembly. Following are examples of our contracts using this technology. Typical capacities of these units range from 10 to 15 tons.

Authority Qty per car No of Cars Total Units Order Year
WMATA 1000 Series – Microprocessor Control Assembly
1 298 298 2001
Nippon Sharyo/NICTD 1 10 10 1999

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