New Car Assembly Project Details



Final Assembly of 94 Blue Line Rapid Transit Cars


Siemens Transportation Systems / Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority




Scheduled for 2006


TTA facility, Kanona, New York


TTA is responsible for complete assembly of the cars, the design, supply & installation of the complete car interior system and the design, supply & installation of HVAC.

TTA will receive the basic carshell, with windows installed, from Siemens. The program also includes sourcing many U.S. purchased components. It includes assembly of all components in the cars, including traction and low voltage power supply system, HVAC systems, braking equipment, lighting, flooring, interior panels and ceilings, interior components and seating, door systems, lighting, couplers, wiring and piping and installation of pre-assembled trucks to the cars.

The program also includes requirements for static and operational testing on our own test track, adjacent to our Kanona facility.