New Car Assembly Project Details



Two contracts covering Final Assembly of 45 MARC High Speed Commuter Coaches


Nippon Sharyo Ltd / Baltimore MTA MARC System


1988 & 1991


1988 & 1993


Baltimore, Maryland


This contract also required that TTA establish a facility, provide manpower and management, and perform all manufacturing and assembly functions to bring the cars to a completed condition. TTA also acted as project and engineering liaison with the customer and suppliers, and undertook a primary role in the purchasing of U.S. based sub components on behalf of Nippon Sharyo. In a related contract with Nippon Sharyo the facility was used in the same timeframe for the final assembly of 17 EMU Commuter Cars for NICTD (described above). The programs consisted of complete assembly of the cars from a partially completed carshell, and included installation of low voltage power supply system, HVAC systems, braking equipment, lighting, flooring, interior panels and ceilings, interior components and seating, door systems, lighting, couplers, wiring and piping and installation of pre-assembled trucks.